Ke$ha inspired look

Hi me again- This is a Ke$ha look from her album. I watched one of my favorite youtube make-up artists do this look and here is my re-creation.. This is a messy smokey eye with a little glitter-it was fun to recreate and so quick. Literally took 8 mins. Here is how I got this look.


In order-

1. Primed my eye with Urban Decay primer
2. Used any gray eye liner on the eye lid- place all over the lid lower lash-line
3. MAC "smoke and diamonds" whole lid
4. Urban Decay silver glitter liner- called Glam Rock and put that all over the lid and under neath the lower lash line
5. MAC black tied e/s along the upper and lower lash line.
6. MAC e/s electra and placed in the crease and a little above
7. MAC e/s vapour as a highlight
8. MAC eyeliner in smolder- on inner up and lower lash
8. MAC mascara is Plush Lash


  1. I like this look a lot! Blogger was not letting me know you were posting new stuff! anywways.. These colors make your eyes pop!

  2. Thank you so much. It was my rendition of Kandee's Ke$ha look..Is there a way for me to make sure that people know when I have anything on here.. I swear this is all so new to me... It's making me crazy- lol